Overactive Bladder Relief From the Best Physical Therapist in Denver

An estimated 33 million Americans suffer from an overactive bladder. About 40 percent of women in the U.S. have at least some of the symptoms and many choose to live with the condition. Some may be unaware of the availability of treatments or were not helped by the treatment method they chose. There is no reason to continue suffering from this issue because help is available.

The Symptoms of Overactive Bladders

The frequent urge to urinate is the most common symptom of an overactive bladder. Some sufferers may lack bladder control and leak when they move a certain way or sneeze or laugh. It is important to seek out help early to prevent the condition from worsening. Severe cases prevent people from sleeping or participating in daily activities.

The Most Common Treatments

Doctors typically recommend that patients track their diets to determine if something specific is irritating their bladder. Scheduling bathroom breaks at a specific time and not succumbing to the urge to urinate is also suggested. Prescription medication can relax the bladder muscle and injections of Botox may also provide relief. Using electrodes to stimulate the nerves is a treatment method used by some physicians.

Many people do not find relief with any of these suggestions and turn to incontinence supplies to enable them to stay active. Pads and adult diapers provide some protection and collection bags and indwelling catheters, a catheter that is professionally inserted and remains in place for as long as two years, are additional options.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Another potential solution is to train the body to have more control over the bladder muscles through targeted exercise. Many patients find relief by learning these types of exercises through pelvic floor physical therapy. The treatment helps with the urgency and frequency of urination, and it improves or ends the leakage. It is also an effective way to reduce pelvic pain.

Physical therapy is a convenient solution for people that want to correct, rather than control, the problem. It does not have any of the side effects associated with drug therapy and it is non-invasive unlike some other forms of treatment. Anyone considering this option should seek out the best physical therapist in denver offering pelvic floor therapy for the best result.