The Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age-Focus on the Neck

When it comes to the Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age, one area people often ignore is the neck. However, the neck provides someone with a great deal of information about a person’s actual age. For this reason, every person needs to pay more attention to the neck when they are applying moisturizer, sunscreen and other skin care products. Why is this so important?

The Signs of Aging Typically Seen on the Neck

People often develop lines across the neck as they age. This is due in part to the skin losing elasticity in this area, and sun damage can make these lines more noticeable. Furthermore, some people develop what they refer to as a turkey neck. Obviously, these signs can be hidden with the help of a turtleneck or nice scarf, but they may not be appropriate when temperatures start to climb. To draw attention away from this area, make use of a nice blush that brings attention to the face.

How to Overcome These Signs of Aging

The first thing a person can do to counteract the effects of aging on the neck is to make use of skin care products designed to protect and firm this area. In addition to making use of a moisturizer on a daily basis, be sure to apply sunscreen products to the neck when heading out into the sun. The skin is much thinner here, so the extra protection is a necessity to ensure damage does not occur. A reflective foundation can also be of benefit, as it reflects light away from this area. This ensures any damage that has occurred is less visible to others.

If the skin on the neck is causing you a great deal of concern and leading to a loss of self-esteem, you may wish to look into cosmetic procedures. There is no reason to have a facelift, as new solutions are now available. Speak to a cosmetic surgeon to learn about the options that will be of most benefit in producing the results you desire. You can look and feel younger in a short period of time when you make improvements in this area.